Places of Interest

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Karkala with its numerous sights never fails to fascinate people. A mixture of nature and history, the cocktail leaves a pleasant after taste. Its magnificent Ramasamudra Lake flouting its Nelumbiums, black granite outcrops standing tall and dark, the serene smile of Bahubali, Jain basadis galore, blue hillocks on the east all make Karkala a man's concept of paradise.
It is the Venkatramana Temple, an amalgamation of glory, faith and architecture that strikes the mind and stands tall when Karkala is mentioned. With its hoary

past, the temple is the hub of all religious and cultural activities of the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins. A place of reverence and devotion for many. There is hardly an individual in Karkala who has not adored the architecture, worshipped the gods and goddesses and appealed to them to grant their wishes. An aura in the presence of the Almighty always lingers in the garbha-griha. It is one of the biggest of such temples in the district with Lord Venkataramana as the deity.
Padu Tirupati
Karkala, to many, is the

Padu Tirupati on account of the historic and legendary association with Tirupati in many ways, including that of offering mudupu. This temple used to accept mudupu, offerings collected in the form of cash to Lord Srinivasa of Tirupati. The temple authorities used to turn these over to the Tirupati shrine. But the practice has been discontinued since 1970. History tells us that the then rulers of Karkala, the Bhairava dynasty constructed the Temple after the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins arrived in Karkala, leaving Goa when the