Places of Interest

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Sri Mukyaprana, Sri Garuda, Sri Laxmidevi and Sri Ganapathi were installed in course of time.
The additions
The Veeramaruthi Temple built opposite the main temple on the northern side of the road, is another attraction of the town with its fifteen feet monolithic idol of Lord Hanuman. It is said to have been installed in the 16th century during the Bhairava regime.

Fascinated by the size of the statue, Tippu Sultan is believed to have sent enough silver to prepare a full cover for the Hanuman idol. However it later turned out that it was not enough for a cover and only a silver necklace could be made out of it. The silver necklace made then still adorns the idol.
The four pillars erected at the Garuda Mantap of the temple are architectural miracles. Each pillar narrates a different story. Small creatures like

honeybees, spiders and butterflies are meticulously carved on the pillar. The movable chains carved out of a single stone are examples for the fineness and dexterity of the work. The brain behind the wonderful carvings is the well-known sculptor Renjala Gopala Shenoy who specially selected the granite from Nellikar, a village near Karkala taluk for the purpose